So many options to choose from, fresh burgers and chicken sandwiches to our specials and kids menu. It is hard to choose. We can cater to dietary requests including vegan, vegetarian and special eating plans. JUST ASK. We are also serving beer and wine.
  • Burgers
    All burgers are 1/2 lb. of juicy, perfectly cooked goodness served on a hot grilled sesame bun and topped with crispy lettuce and tomato and creamy mayo unless specified otherwise. Turkey burger substitution or turning your burger into a lettuce wrap will not cost you a penny. Yes, we have peanut butter to add as a topper to any of the below listed burgers. The "peanut butter burger" crowd is a special one and we want them to know that we support their cause. Because we "get it," you can add bacon to any burger for a small charge.
    • Ground Lounge Mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickle and onion. Simple yet satisfying.
    • Cheese Deluxe Same basic 1/2 lb. burger as our Ground Lounge, with some cheddar thrown on for good measure.
    • Happy Cow Great burger topped with three (yes, 3) types of cheese. Cheddar, swiss and jack. Your cheese-lovin' tastebuds are going to love you for this one.
    • Smothered This baby is topped with swiss and a pile of grilled onions.
    • Hangover Helper A local favorite, especially on Saturdays for lunch...order this 1/2 lb. burger loaded with fried egg, bacon and cheddar and you'll feel on top of the world after your first bite.
    • Heavenly Ohhh, the simple things in life. All I want is a burger topped with fresh avocado, cheddar and bacon...WHAT....this is it?? I'm in. Hands down, the Heavenly is our most popular burger.
    • La Pina Fresh grilled burger topped with a thick slice of grilled fresh pineapple and a layer of bacon. Your mom never made anything like this!! Caution= may be habit forming..
    • Smokehouse Another local favorite, bacon, cheddar and more grilled onion goodness layered with a dollop of BBQ sauce.
    • Blazer FRESH GRILLED JALAPENOS!! (yes, I'm yelling in caps because I'm so excited.) onions and pepper jack...You may want to order a shake to go along with this spicy favorite.
    • Blue Moo Tangy blue cheese and onions give this burger it's name, order a side of dressing to dip some fries in and you'll be hooked.
    • Knockout 2 patties loaded with swiss cheese, layer of crispy bacon and topped with onion rings. Order one for now and one for later when you're craving it at midnight!
    • Jiffy Burger You've all asked for it and it has been so popular, we added it to the menu. Our funky yet AWESOME peanut butter topped burger. Cheddar and our creamy chipotle mayo. (The regular customers LOVE this with added bacon.)
    • Shroomalicious Our beef burger loaded with fresh grilled mushrooms, onions and melty mozzarella cheese.
    • Meatlovers Dream Grilled Kielbasa sausage, bacon and cheddar will make this heavy hitter your favorite. Comes with a few veggies (lettuce and tomato.) Pretty much covers every food group here.
    • Messy Meat Grab a few extra napkins and a fork when you order this chili, cheddar and onion topped beauty. Big enough to share and dip your fries into!! Go big or go home!!
    • El Camino Yep, an old favorite is back to tempt your tastebuds. This hearty burger is topped with ortega chills, creamy avocado a melty layer of spicy pepperjack cheese and a slathering of our homemade chipotle mayo.
  • Hot Dogs
    10 inch beef franks topped with so many great toppings, your head will spin. All come with hot grilled bun, mayo, mustard and catsup. Add bacon or cheese to any order. (might I suggest grilled jalapeño as well?) Substitute a veggie dog on any dish for an additional .60. Bacon .75 Cheese .50
    • Lounge Pup A 1/4 lb. all-beef dog...Mayo, mustard, catsup and relish.
    • The Chooch Topped with chopped onion, diced tomatoes and cheddar cheese.
    • Perro Caliente Crisp bacon, fresh grilled jalepenos and onions. Not your everday "hot dog" here, the bacon is a thick hearty slice wrapped around the dog and grilled to perfection.
    • The Dirty Cooch Just the Chooch times 10 on the richter scale!! Our great 10 inch beef frank topped with a healthy topping of homemade chili, fresh cheese and diced onion!! (yes, there is a story behind the name, ask any one of us.)
    • Stickless Wonder A signature dish here, a corn-dog minus the "pain in the booty stick." (Who needs that part anyway.) Served open and topped with mustard, grilled onion and fresh sauerkraut. You're gonna love this twist on an old favorite.
    • Luscious Pup A new flavor for your tastebuds, give this dog a try. Our tasty beef dog topped with mayo, mustard and our own olive relish. Man oh man, we are upping the ante on our hot-dog flavors here, why settle? Go big or go home.
  • Grilled Chicken Sandwiches
    Fresh boneless breast of chicken, grilled over an open flame, served on a hot grilled sesame bun topped with crisp lettuce, tomato and mayo unless specified. Chicken never tasted so good.
    • Lounge Bird Basic fare just like you'd get at the neighbors BBQ...Mayo, lettuce, pickle and onion.
    • Mona Lisa This is where it gets interesting.... Fresh, homemade basil pesto, mozzarella cheese and a generous topping of grilled onions. A little messy, but man it's worth it.
    • Wild Bird Bacon goodness tops this fresh grilled chicken sandwich, along with bacons favorite sidekick, cheddar (yes, it makes everything better) and BBQ sauce.
    • Pollo Pina Oh we go again, a large fresh slice of grilled pineapple and a layer of swiss cheese will delight your senses. YUM!!
    • Blue Bird One guess as to what kind of cheese we put on this delightful sandwich. got it!! Blue cheese, onion and fresh tomato to finish it off.
    • Paradise Bird Our fresh grilled teriyaki chicken breast with swiss and grilled onion. Basically the kind of sandwich you want to share with your kids, your best friend and your significant other.
    • Chicken Deluxe Classic grilled chicken breast sandwich with some fabulous toppings to boot. Bacon, cheddar, red onion, pickles and a layer of our tasty chipotle mayo.
    • Camino Bird Just like our favorite Camino Burger, we've added a chicken option. Ortega chili, avocado, pepperjack cheese and chipotle mayo.
  • Veggie Burgers Galore
    Quality veggie burgers served on hot whole wheat bun, topped with the tasty basics of mayo, lettuce and tomato. Veggie patties are vegan and can be made any way you like it. Bun, no bun, lettuce wrap, extra get the picture.
    • Michael-Angelo Basil pesto, jack and grilled onions. Veggie burgers never tasted this good!!
    • Sticks & Twigs WOW...they did it again, fresh avocado, crisp lettuce, tomato and onion on this tasty dish.
    • Swiss Bliss Swiss cheese atop a layer of grilled onions.
    • Sante Fe Avocado, fresh grilled jalapenos and onions and a gooey layer of pepper jack cheese to melt it all into a heavenly mess.
    • Sweetness Just like it sounds, this veggie burger will tantalize your taste buds (say that 10 times quick if you dare.) Thick juicy slice of fresh grilled pineapple and a layer of grilled onion.
  • Fries & Sides
    So, you've asked and we've listened. Now serving shoestring fries, they are a little crispier and a whole lot thinner cut. Basically, we can make everyone happy in the fry department now, if you don't see what you are in the mood for, just ask. See our many options for a fry side or load 'em up and make it a meal. Either way, you will be pleased. If you call in an order, please specify your choice.
    • Fresh Garlic Fries Fresh garlic atop a mound of crispy fries..a match made in heaven. Dip into our special Cilantro sauce for a kick!!
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  • Pesto Fries
  • Again, our tasty shoestring fries, tossed with awesome sauce...(I MEAN PESTO) tossed with pesto.. gotta have it.
  • 4.50
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  • Nacho Cheese Fries WOW...yet another loaded french fry dish. Creamy nacho cheese sauce (the kind you get at the carnival or fair and think about the rest of the year.) topped with jalapeños.
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  • Cheesy Fries
  • Not for the faint of heart, our shoestring fries covered with melted cheddar. (Staff favorite to add grilled jalapenos.) Top with a sprinkle of hot sauce and you'll wonder what you started!
  • 4.85 spoof
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  • The Mess sydney morning herald
  • Big serving of our crispy fries (tired of me telling you how awesome our fries are yet?) drowned in homemade lounge chili and topped with cheddar and onions. A meal in itself and plenty to share.
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  • Cajun Fries Generous portion of our crispy fries tossed with our homemade cajun spice mix.
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  • Onion Rings the sydney morning herald digital life
  • Sorry Onion Rings, didn't have an entire menu category that covers your awesomeness yet. So, until then, you'll have to hang out in the fry section. Thick cut, beet batter fresh onion rings. Going to give our fries a run for their money.
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  • Fried Mushrooms A generous helping of our breaded and fried mushrooms. Ask for one of our tasty dipping sauces.
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  • Cheese Planks Breaded and fried cheese sticks and a side of dipping sauce.
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  • Zucchini virus
  • Zucchini strips and a tasty sauce, just waiting for you to order and share. 5.25
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  • Sweet Potato Fries woolworths
  • Tasty and not overly breaded sweet potato fries, yummy option in the fry category. You are forewarned....everyone at the table will try to snag one so either be prepared with a sharp fork or give it up to friends who love fries.
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  • Little Tikes Menu
    Smaller portions for our smaller friends. No, we won't card you if you look under 21 here!! We actually suggest a smaller kids burger for our visitors that can't quite manage our 1/2 pounder. Can add or subtract goodies like bacon, avocado, onion etc. to make it more "grown-up," for a small fee. Just ask.
    • Hot Dog, Fries and a Soda All beef hot dog with a small fry and a soda.
    • 1/4 lb. Burger, Fries and Soda Just the basics here, can add or subtract toppings for a small fee, or leave it dry for the discriminating tastes of some of the small fry. Make it a cheeseburger for .50 cents more.
    • Corn Dog, Fries and a Soda New addition to our kids menu. Battered dog, just like at the carnival:)
    • Grilled Cheese, Fries and Soda Grilled cheese sandwich on your choice of bread, fill 'em up with a small sized fresh fry and a soda.
    • Chicken Strips Classic chicken strip meal, not the processed "nuggets" like you know who <shhhh> real breaded chicken strips served with a side of fries and a small drink. Ask for BBQ, ketchup or ranch and your little one will just sit there quietly eating and smiling :)
  • Salads and More!!
    Check out our new salad offerings. Light or loaded, it's your choice. Add tuna or grilled chicken to any salad for an additional 2.50. You will love our homemade dressings.
    • Garden Salad Lettuce, tomato, onion, cheddar and cucumber, super simple, super yummy.
    • Chef JJ Special Salad Ready for this? Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, orange slices, blue cheese and topped with our special secret creamy house cilantro dressing. This one will be a favorite.
    • Dream Salad Talk about a dream, full of crispy lettuce, apples, raisins, almonds and creamy avocado...your taste buds will thank you. Served with our creamy pesto dressing. (big enough to share)
    • Tossed BLT Salad So, you like the BLT but don't want the carbs?? This is your answer. Lettuce, tomato, onion, bacon, avocado and cheddar.
    • Add tuna or grilled chicken to any above salad.
  • Sandwiches and Specialities
    Tasty sandwiches, chef specials and more, check it out.
    • Lounge Piggy Pulled pork sandwich piled high. Topped with a dollop of BBQ sauce on a hot grilled sesame bun.
    • BLT Classic and a favorite, BLT greatness served on toasted bread. Top with avocado for an additional 1.25. How can you go wrong here? Split with a friend and add a soup.
    • Alaskan Delight Salmon burger topped with grilled onion and our own chipotle mayo.
    • Bella Portabella mushroom, creamy pesto, grilled onion and mozzarella...YUM!!
    • Tuna Salad Sandwich Old fashioned goodness, tuna salad sandwich, mixed up in our kitchen with fresh ingredients...none of that "pre-made" tuna salad here. Your grandma would be proud.
    • Homemade Lounge Chili Our owners famous recipe, made the old fashioned way (no canned bean, extra sodium stuff here.) Top with cheddar and onion for 1.50 more.
    • Chili Beans Vegetarian Style Just our usual favorite homemade chili recipe without any of that meat stuff. You will love this, served with onions. Add a side of grilled jalapeños and steal a neighbors fry or two for dipping and you've got it made.
  • Shakes, Malts, Freezes, Sodas, More
    Have our staff mix up a tasty shake, Freeze or Float if you dare. Healthy (dare I say healthy and shake in the same sentence.) Growth hormone free milk, vanilla ice cream and your choice of flavorings. Can add malt and make it your own. Oh, almost forgot in my excitement to tell you about our shakes. We offer fresh brewed ice-tea and the general offering of sodas. Pepsi products, Dr. Pepper and all the favorites.
    • Shakes Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla. Growth hormone free milk and dairy ice-cream. We offer tons of special flavor combinations including fresh fruit, coffee, cheesecake, irish cream and more. Seasonal favorites like pumpkin, toasted coconut, fresh mint, cranberry/pineapple and gingerbread will make even the non-shake lover a believer. Old fashioned, hand packed vanilla ice cream mixed with your choice of flavorings. We have over 20 shake blends and flavors to share with you. Just can't stop myself, peppermint, lime, watermelon, amaretto, macadamia nut, NUTELLA....(so awesome, I'm going to say it again NUTELLA!! Holy shakes Batman...we serve the best shakes EVER! Double up on a second flavor for your own twist for .30 cents or add peanut butter or malt for .75 cents.
      Small 3.75 Large 4.85
    • Ice Cream Freeze and Float Rootbeer, Dr. Pepper...Orange Crush, you name the kind of freeze or float you want. Our staff is 'da bomb when it comes to these tasty concoctions. For those of you that are not sure what a "Freeze" is, it is a shake made with your favorite soda. Give it a shot, it's an old time favorite.
      Small 3.75 Large 4.85
    • Sodas, Fresh Brewed Ice-Tea, Fresh Lemonade with at twist. All one size, fresh brewed tea (if you're lucky, it's the citrus tea on your day) and sodas. Just ask for a side of lemon. We can make a tasty mix with our homemade fresh lemonade..ask for a sample.
      Small 2.25 Large 2.75